In compliance with federal and state guidelines, we will be closed until further notice. This week, our WorshipGathering will be streamed live on our Facebook page.
Please continue to pray for everyone impacted by COVID-19.


Join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30am


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Our second annual VBS is coming up soon. It is a great opportunity to serve no only our own kids, but also as an outreach to our community. All skills are useful....

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Dying to Live

True life is found only in Christ, in dying to self and living for him....

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Serving Expectations

When we serve others, it can be easy to expect a particular response - gratitude, a recognition of the sacrifices made, honesty, or a particular spiritual openness. When those don't materialize as we hope, what is our response to be?...

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Knowledge is growing exponentially, but wisdom is in short supply....

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Present in the Present

If we believe that God is sovereign and that he holds our lives and futures in his hands, if we can look back and see his sovereign hand guiding and providing, then we must also believe that he is present in our current circumstances. Let us not miss what God is doing in our present circumstances by focusing only on our future. ...

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God's Word

An encouragement from our elder statesman regarding the word of God and its role in our lives....

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No Condemnation

If you're "in Christ," you're no longer condemned - you're set free!...

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I Can't Do All of This

In moment of feeling overwhelmed, thinking I couldn't possibly do it all, the Holy Spirit whispers, "That's sort of the point."...

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Short Memory

I can have such a short memory when it comes to remembering God's provision, yet when it comes to forgiving others I remember forever....

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Simple Motivation

What is my motivation?...

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