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Love Pursued


A guest post from Aaron Bucy.  Aaron has served us as lead worshiper periodically when he has returned from the mission field where he serves as lead worshiper at Cornerstone Church in Liverpool, England.  He is a talented and thoughtful young man.  He has written below some thoughts on the song that he co-wrote with Robert Morrison, our regular lead worshiper.  It is one of our new favorites.

Pastor Derrick

During a study in the Gospel of Luke, I was struck again when we arrived at the story of the Prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). Whether our lives outwardly resemble a prodigal, Scripture is clear that we are all dead, hard-hearted, and do not seek God in our own strength, walking away, choosing our own way (Eph. 2:1-3, Rom. 3:10-12, Ps. 14:1-3, Is. 53:6) – BUT GOD… It is God that pursues us. That is perspective of this first verse:

     I was lost I was far

     A hard-hearted runaway

     Jesus in love pursued

     I sought life on my own

     Fled from grace everyday

     Jesus in love pursued

The first verse is a reminder of who we were; the chorus is a reminder of who Jesus is. It declares the truth that our King is also our humble Savior who has reconciled us with God (Phil. 2:5-8, Jn. 1:14, Jn. 6:38, Is. 53:10):

     From Heaven’s crowns of glory

     Redemption tells the story

     Humble Savior and King

     With arms open wide,

     How you lived how you died

     Jesus in love pursued

The second verse speaks to what our prodigal, rebellious hearts have earned: deserved wrath and God’s judgment. But Jesus took the punishment we deserve so that we could be made right with God the Father! (Rom. 6:23, Rom. 5:6-10, Col. 1:20, Col. 2:13-15)

     On the cross meant for me

     Through the nails and suffering

     Jesus in love pursued

     Father God, turned away

     In death’s darkness on that day

     Jesus in love pursued

     Jesus in love pursued

It is in victory that Jesus rose again, triumphing over the grave, and the proof of that completed work is His resurrection and ascension to sit down at the right hand of God where He continually intercedes for His children to the Father (Rom. 8:34, Eph. 1:20, Heb. 1:3, Heb. 10:12-14, Heb. 4:14):

     Then the stone, rolled away

     Death defeated, ransom paid

     Jesus in love pursues

     Risen King, seated high

     Reigning at the Father’s side

     Jesus in love pursues

     Jesus in love pursues

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I'm ALWAYS inspired by the beautiful songs that Aaron & Robert create together. This is one of my new favorites. I love the picture this story paints....God not only died for us when we were still sinners but PURSUED us. Just like a parent running after a child who is headed for danger, God Almighty pursues us, pitiful lost humans. How amazing!

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